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The Radio Gold Hour is an old time radio show, produced by Radio Gold Productions, and recorded live in front of a studio audience. Featuring the classic radio shows of the 1930’s, 40’s and 50’s, original radio plays, and performed by top voice talent, the Radio Gold Hour presents comedies, drama, sci-fi, and suspense programming from the golden age of radio.

The Radio Gold Hour is currently on hiatus while we organize new shows, and seek to find a home for our live shows. For more information on hosting the Radio Gold Hour at your venue, or for sponsorship or in show advertising opportunities email ( or call Nick - 801-301-0440.

Radio Gold Hour Episodes: Season 1

Episode 101: Five Minute Mystery - Death Calls at Dinner, My Favorite Husband - The Wills, The Hitchhiker, Bob Bedore standup from Quick Wits comedy, and studio audience prizes.

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Episode #102: A Matter of Husbands, The Good Salesman, The Bickersons: The Honeymoon is Over. Valentines Episode.

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Episode 103: A Five Minute Mystery-Murder of Mrs. Brooks, The Bickersons: Two Weeks with Pay, Sorry, Wrong Number, and a 10 minute stand up routine from Michael B of Quick Wits Comedy Improv.

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Episode 104: Original Radio play Dry Run, written by Ron Peer, screenwriter of the movie "GoodBye Lover," Five Minute Mystery: My Pal Patsy, Exploring Tomorrow: The Trouble with Robots.

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Businesses of any size or industry can benefit from radio advertising. Today, radio comes in so many forms. Internet radio, AM/FM radio, satellite radio, app based stream players, others might be on their way.

Radio Gold Productions understand how to harness the power all all radio type mediums to get your the most from your advertising dollar.
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Much of the success of a radio campaign or animation production is based on the talent of the voices. Radio Gold Productions is fortunate to work with some of the most talented voice actors.

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The Good Word Podcast

The world of LDS authors and writers is an eclectic one. Some write on non-fiction, religious topics, relevant to members of our faith, while others write sci-fi, fantasy, romance, and other genre’s of fiction that may or may not have ties to Mormon doctrines or culture. The Good Word is designed to be a show where all books are welcome, and authors from our faith and culture have a place to be heard.

With over 100 interviews with LDS authors, The Good Word Podcast has been established as the premier source for LDS authorship and writing.

Launched - January 2013. Click here to visit The Good Word Podcast site.

Mormon History Guy Show

The Mormon History Guy show features discussions and interviews on topics of Mormon History, Culture and Doctrine. Subjects range from discussing the Mormon position on war, grace, homosexuality, the history of missionary work throughout the world, all the way to the history of dancing and other aspects of LDS Culture.

Produced by Russell Stevenson and recorded by Radio Gold Productions.

Launched - November 2013. Click here to visit The Mormon History Guy site.

Radio Gold Productions specializes in producing radio, podcasts, and other audio/voice productions.

Many of our productions deal with LDS or Mormon topics and subject matter.

Contact Nick @ 801-301-0440 for more information on our shows or on having us produce a show for you.

Radio Gold Productions & Podcasts

FairMormon-MormonFAIR Cast

FairMormon is a non-profit organization that produces content seeking to offer faithful answers to critical or difficult questions about Mormonism or The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The Mormon FAIR-cast is the umbrella name for multiple series of podcasts that seek to achieve that goal.

You can find the Mormon FAIR-cast:,

Launched - Our involvement started in Febrauary 2014.

Other Services and Past Productions

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