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The world of LDS authors and writers is an eclectic one. Some write on non-fiction, religious topics, relevant to members of our faith, while others write sci-fi, fantasy, romance, and other genre’s of fiction that may or may not have ties to mormon doctrines or culture. The Good Word is designed to be a show where all books are welcome, and authors from our faith and culture have a place to be heard.

The Good Word is a podcast, hosted by Nick Galieti, interviewing Latter-day Saint authors about their titles and about the craft of writing. Each show is recorded at Eborn Books downtown Salt Lake City @ 254 S. Main Street. After each author is recorded they appear at Eborn Books to do book signings.

Our host, Nick Galieti also contributes articles based on our interviews to The Deseret News/Mormon Times giving authors even more exposure to our target audience.

As part of our partnership with publishers, with Custom LDS Scriptures, and with Eborn Books Retail Stores, we hope to sell special edition titles from each of the authors that come on the show. The books will be custom bound leather editions, made by Custom LDS Scriptures, and sold through Eborn Books. These special editions will also be signed by the author. The proceeds from the sale of these special edition books will go into a trust and used to donate to relevant charities, including scholarship opportunities.

We welcome your questions for upcoming guests or on questions regarding the publishing and writing industry that our guests are most qualified to answer. Questions can be submitted by email or via our facebook and twitter accounts.

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