Adam White Interview – Episode 2.1

Adam White was born and raised in Gilbert, AZ. Adam started making movies when his Dad bought a VHS camcorder all the way back when he was 11 or 12 not ever considering it a possible career path. He dreamed of one day playing in the NBA played college basketball at Eastern Arizona college which is where he met his wife. Later he went to BYU and graduated from ASU with a degree in Business Administration.

Adam now lives in Lehi Utah with his wife and 5 children. He enjoys creating. Writing movies, writing songs on the piano, creating businesses. Adam White also started several online businesses and sold them all to pursue his dream of being a filmmaker.

Adam secretly wishes we could go back to the olden days where one could wear a cloak and have a sword strapped on their back and no one would think anything of it. Adam is now the writer and director of the movie, Inspired Guns hitting theaters January 24th 2014.

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