Ben Behunin Interview – Episode 2.19

Ben Behunin began working with pottery as a freshman at Highland High in Utah. He thought it would be an “easy A”, but his experience proved to be neither easy, nor an “A”. That experience began a 24 year long dance with clay that has taken Ben to exotic places, such at Idaho, North Carolina, France, Switzerland, Germany, England, Italy, Austria and Hawaii in pursuit of his education and his passion. For the past 18 years, Ben has been making his living exclusively as a slinger of slime and a maker of mudpies.

In 2009, after nearly twelve years of being a closet-writer, Ben published the first of his Niederbipp Trilogy, Remembering Isaac, the wise and joyful potter of Niederbipp. This was followed by Discovering Isaac later in 2009 and Becoming Isaac in 2010. Since then he has released the titles, Forget Me Notes in 2011, Borrowing Fire in 2012 and Put A Cherry On Top in 2013 He is currently working on forty-seven other books that may be released sometime in the next fifty years if he can overcome his ADD.

Ben is the father of two young budding potters, Isaac and Eve, ages 13 and 10. He and his wife Lynnette live in Salt Lake City, just inches away from his whimsically magical studio, Wild Rooster Artworks.