Chad Conrad Interview – Episodes 3.14

Chad P. Conrad grew up in Manhattan Beach, California, and served a mission in Mexico City. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree from Brigham Young University and a master’s degree from Boston University, both in philosophy. Chad taught philosophy at Brigham Young University for seven years and has taught full time for LDS Seminaries and Institutes of Religion for twenty years. He married Stacy in the Manti Temple and they are now being raised by eight children in Orem, Utah!

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Olive Tree Sisters Interview – Episode 3.13

Christine Layton Graham is a writer, editor, and college English instructor living in Salt Lake City, Utah. Her books include When Pioneer Wagons Rumbled West, Three Little Robbers,and Peter Peter Picks a Pumpkin House. She has also had pieces published in the New Era and the Friend.

Joan Layton Merrell is a professional calligrapher and fiber artist living in Jefferson City, Missouri. She has exhibited regionally and has been represented by galleries in two states. Her calligraphic art has been published in Letter Arts Review and The Calligrapher’s Engagement Calendar.

Carol Layton Ogden is an artist living in Springville, Utah. Carol studied design at BYU. In recent years she has studied under a variety of artists, including Ann Kullberg and J.K. Richards.


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Brock Booher Interview #2: Episode 3.8

Brock Booher grew up on a farm in rural Kentucky, the fourth of ten children, where he learned to work hard, use his imagination, and believe in himself. He left the farm to pursue the friendly skies as a pilot, and currently flies for a major US carrier. A dedicated husband and father of six children, he began writing out of sheer arrogance, but the writing craft quickly humbled him. During that process, he discovered that he enjoyed writing because it is an endeavor that can never quite be mastered. He still gladly struggles everyday to improve his writing and storytelling skills. Brock is the author of Healing Stone from Sweetwater Books, and is here today to talk about his book, sort of book, we’ll define it a little later, Return and Continue with Honor: A Guide for Returning Missionaries.

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Randal Wright Interview – Episode 3.5

Randal A. Wright obtained a PhD in Family Studies from Brigham Young University. His dissertation addressed the impact of electronic media (TV, movies, music and he internet) on the attitudes and behaviors of adolescents. He worked with the church educational System for many years as an institute Director and taught in the religion department at BYU. He is the founder of

He is the author of several boo(s including-25 Mistakes LDS Parents Make and  How to Avoid Them; Families in Danger: Protecting your Family in an x-rated world; The case forChastity: Helping Youth Stay Morally Clean and Achieving Your Life Mission)

He has written chapters in several other books and articles in magazines as well. He has been a frequent speaker to adults at Know Your Religion and has spoken regularly to the youth to the youth at especially for Youth and youth conferences throughout the United States, Canada and England. He and his wife, Wendy, are the parents of five married children and have sixteen grandchildren. Randal A. Wright is a fifth generation Texan. Randal Wright is the author of Book of Mormon Miracle, 25 reasons to Believe.

Nicole Carpenter Interview – Episode 3.4

Nicole Carpenter is a mother of four, a communication consultant, columnist, and owner and operator of the popular blog MOMentity. She has a degree in Communications and Public relations and has now joined the ranks of the published author with her title 52 Weeks to Fortify Your Family.

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Darla Isackson Interview – Episode 3.3

Darla Isackson learned about adversity at an early age. She received life-threatening third degree burns as a child and has had health challenges all her life as a result. She served a full-time mission to Southern California, graduated as a valedictorian from Utah State University, married a returned missionary in the temple, gave birth to five healthy sons, and has been a professional writer, editor, and speaker for decades.

For Darla, life didn’t turn out as she planned. Divorce, remarriage, a blended family that didn’t blend well, serious car accidents, 7 preemie grandchildren, and ongoing health challenges were only prelude to her biggest heartbreak: losing a son to depression, alcohol, and drugs, then, to suicide.

In 2001 she became a regular columnist for Meridian Magazine online, and has posted close to 300 articles. In 2009 she released her book titled, Trust God No Matter What! and in 2010, the book called After My Son’s Suicide: An LDS Mother Finds Comfort in Christ and Strength to Go On. You can learn more about them on her web site:

Terri Pontius Interview – Episode 2.46

Terri Jeanne Muhlestein is not a name common among Latter-day Saint literature. Her married name Terri Pontius, might begin to sound more familiar, but as it is attached to her now late husband, John Pontius, author of the Journey to the Veil, Visions of Glory, The Triumph of Zion, Following the Light of Christ into His Presence, and the Millennial Quest series. The books Jenny’s Christmas Gift: A True Story, and Wee Three Kings” have been released posthumously by Cedar Forth and with Terri’s stamp of approval.

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Dan Barker Interview – Episode 2.44

Dan Barker loves the outdoors, so much so that he went to school to become a forester. After enjoying an abbreviated career with the forest service, Dan is now currently employed in the food industry. Dan is married and has a handful of children and an even bigger handful of grandchildren. Dan is the author of multiple titles including Unique Stories and Faces from LDS History, Mormon History 101, Little Known stories about the Doctrine and Covenants, and the Old Testament Explained Through Modern Revelation. Dan is also the author/compiler of the newly released book Seeds of Faith.

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Terryl and Fiona Givens Interview – Episode 2.43

Terryl Givens holds the James A. Bostwick chair of English and is Professor of Literature and Religion at the University of Richmond and the author of several books. His writing has been praised by the new York Times as “provocative reading” and includes the most recent title, When Souls Had Wings, a history of the idea of pre-mortal life in Western Thought.

Fiona Givens is a retired modern language teacher with undergraduate degree’s in French and German and a graduate degree in European History. She is now an independent scholar who has published in several journals and reviews in Mormon studies, including the Journal of Mormon History, Exponent II, and LDS Living.

Terryl and Fiona are the grandparents of five, and parents of six.

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Robert McIntosh Interview – Episode 2.39

Robert K. McIntosh and his wife Susan live in Santa Barbara, California. They are the parents of five children and are fortunate to have twenty-four grandchildren and one great grandson. Robert received a bachelors and masters degree from Brigham Young University. For thirty-five years he was employed by Seminaries and Institutes of Religion. He left teaching for eight years and traveled around the U.S. and Canada giving seminars on managing entry-level workers. He is the author of two religious books, “The Teachings of George Albert Smith,” and “”How do You Know When You’re Really in Love?”; and two business books, “Minimum Wage, Maximum Results,” and “Where Did I Put That Cattle Prod?”

His articles have appeared in the Ensign, Entrepreneur Magazine, and Forbes. Robert is the author of “How do You Know When You’re Really in Love? And is with us by phone today to talk about his latest book, Choosing Your Eternal Companion.

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