Randy Lindsay Interview – Episode 2.22

RANDY LINDSAY is a native of Arizona. From an early age, his mind traveled in new and unusual directions. His preoccupation with “what if” eventually led him to write speculative fiction. According to his wife everything is a story to Randy. Although this is his first novel, Randy has been published in a variety of science-fiction and fantasy magazines. He lives in Mesa, Arizona with his wife and five of his nine children. For more information you can check him out at RandyLindsay.net.

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Andrew Hall Interview – Episode 2.16

Andrew Hall was born in Whittier, California. He grew up in the Church and Served a mission in Kobe, Japan. Andrew attended school at BYU and the University of Pittsburgh where he received his PhD in Japanese History Andrew teaches courses in both Japanese and English.

Andrew and his wife have four children, all adopted, ages 15, 11, 11, and 6. Two boys we adopted as babies in the United States through LDS Family Services. The two girls were adopted in Japan, through the city of Fukuoka.

Andrew see’s Mormon literature is a hobby and is a participant in the Association for Mormon Letters group, where he reviews books, plays, and movies, and taking part in their online discussions. In 2000 Andrew started writing a “Mormon Literature Year in Review” article every year, going over the major literary works released that year, and reviewing the publishing news of the year. In 2012 Andrew received an AML “Special Award for Literary Journalism.”


Kevin Hopkins Interview – Episode 2.13

Kevin Hopkins is a former White House speechwriter and senior policy advisor who helped write some of the key rules that undid the draconian government energy regulations that grow out of the energy shortages of the late 1970s.

Since then, he has written widely on energy and environmental issues, and currently serves as consulting Director of Research for the California-based Communications Institute, a public-policy research center focused on emerging energy and environmental concerns.

Kevin has been a writer nearly his entire life. Since that time, he has written and published two nonfiction books and numerous book-length studies, has written four feature-film screenplays, has written and published more than 150 articles, and has written three novels.

As a communications professional, he has written scores of speeches (including speeches for the President of the United States, two presidential candidates, and key state and local government leaders throughout California. He also has written an untold number of corporate marketing, web, and sales materials.

Kevin lives in Salt Lake City, Utah, with his wife Mary and his son Brandon, along with a loving Seal Point Siamese cat, Layah (named after Princess Leia in “Star Wars”), and energetic Sheltie dog named Casey. Author of the book “Skylight.”

Michael Bast Interview – Episode 2.8

Unlike Mowgli from the Jungle Book, MICHAEL BAST was not raised by a den of wolves… it was a mob of meerkats. This has proven to be both problematic and beneficial later in life. A problem because he has an insatiable desire to tunnel in his backyard, costing him thousands of dollars in sprinkler repair. A benefit because he can scratch behind both ears with either foot.

Michael lives in the deserts of Arizona with his wife and four kids. Each day between Cinco de Mayo and Halloween he curses his decision to live in 110-degree heat. To learn more about Michael and Death’s Academy go to www.deathsacademy.com

L.R.W. Lee Interview #2 – Episode 2.4

L.R.W. Lee was a previous guest on The Good Word, Episode 163.

Lee was married in 1992 and a few years later started her first business, an accounting practice. Later she would start and grow a multi-million dollar retail company in Texas.

After selling the business in January of 2012 she wrote the book, “ANDY SMITHSON: BLAST OF THE DRAGONS’ FURY.” She is back to talk about her next book, Book 2 in the Andy Smithson series. Andy Smithson: Venom of the Seprent’s Cunning.

Dan Wells Interview – Episode 166

Dan wells was born in Utah to parents who were avid readers of Science fiction and Fantasy. That influence spread quickly and in second grade Dan announced to his parents that he was going to be a writer. He started writing a Choose Your Own Adventure book about a maze that was literally impossible to escape—no matter which options you chose, you just kept going around in circles. A real never ending story. After realizing what a cruel joke that was to his readers, Dan changed his writing style.

After abandoning later plans to become a poet, Dan returned to his childhood tutelage and became absorbed in science fiction and historical fiction. Meanwhile his life continued. He was married, had five kids, and worked in marketing and as an advertising writer at a string of local corporations, hawking everything from shampoo to fitness machines to humanitarian sponsorships.

Today, Dan Wells is an accomplished writer and co-host of a weekly podcast called Writing Excuses. He joins us all the way from Stuttgart Germany via Skype.

Read Dan’s blog here, or listen to his Podcast Writing Excuses here.

L.T. Downing Interview – Episode 165

Lisa Torcasso Downing is an award-winning writer and advocate for the advancement of Mormon Letters, Her writing career began in the 1990’s with fiction storiesfor young people in the Friend and New Era magazines. She then branched out in what she affectionately calls “unauthorized” mormon journals and magazines. She has served as editor for Irreantum, the literary journal published by the Association for Mormon Letters, as well as Sunstone.


Downing currently resides in Texas, though she has called both California and Utah her home. She received a Bachelors degree in English from Brigham Young University and an Masters from Texas A&M-Commerce. She taught writing at Collin College and is a proud member of the the up-and-coming Rowlett Writer’s Workshop. She is an active, believing Latter-day Saint, a wife of nearly 30 years and the mother of three. L.T. Downing as she is known in her writing, is the author of Island of the Stone Boy and Get That Gold!, the first book in the Adventures of the Restoration series.

For more information on L.T. Downing or to buy her books, click here.

Melissa J. Cunningham Interview – Episode 164

Melissa J. Cunningham turned forty-three this year. She feels that pretty much says it all. Since I am not a 43 year old woman from Brigham City, UT. I have to know more of what that means.

Melissa is a mother of five, who lives with horses, dogs, cats and chickens. When she is not helping her husband run their plumbing business, she loves to run, write, read and soak in the tub although not necessarily in that order.

After overcoming years of struggles and multiple unpublished efforts, Melissa Cunningham wrote the book Reluctant Guardian and was accepted for publishing in only August 2013, just two months ago. And here we are today, book in hand!

To buy a copy of Reluctant Guardian by Melissa J. Cunningham, click here.

L.R.W. Lee Interview – Episode 163

From an early age L.R.W. Lee wanted to write books. Growing up in a family that didn’t have a lot of money she was encouraged to use her imagination to entertain herself. Her early recollections of this imagination include building a puppet theater out of old scraps of wood and putting on shows for family and friends or climbing trees and pretending they were ships and siblings were pirates.


She put her imagination to work early and entered a writing contest when she was in middle school earning a respectable third place out of three entries. Her luck would improve when she won the Park Ridge Award while in high school. She attended school at Cedarville University, a small private school, where she studied Accounting. After graduating she worked for a large accounting firms as a staff accountant. LRW Lee was married in 1992 and a few years later started her first business, an accounting practice. Later she would start and grow a multi-million dollar retail company in Texas.


After selling the business in January of 2012 she continued with her life long desire to find something meaningful to share with others. This desire lead her to write the book, “ANDY SMITHSON: BLAST OF THE DRAGONS’ FURY.”

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S.D. Kupiec Interview – Episode 161

S.D. Kupiec was born and raised in Silver City, NM. She now lives in Utah with her husband and five children. When she’s not writing, she’s folding the never-ending mountain of laundry and cuddling with her babies, old and young.


She is the author of the book SHY. Click her to visit S.D. Kupiec’s facebook page.

To buy a copy of Shy by S.D. Kupic, click here.