Episode 110 – Interview with Kim Smith

Born in Maryville Tennessee in 1962, to Joseph and Sue Smith, Kimberly Jo Smith has used her love of writing music and stories to expound upon the importance of family. After learning at the age of 12 that she had a great-great grandfather named Joseph Smith, Jr. who built a church, Kimberly began a journey that would reveal to her an ancestry she had never known, and a family that had been sorely broken. Kimberly travels with her son throughout the United States telling the story of her line of the Smith posterity, the importance of the Atonement of the Savior, and healing and uniting families.

Kimberly and her son, Bryan, have been touring the United States since 2000 doing firesides about the Smith posterity and are active as Ambassadors for the Joseph Smith Jr. and Emma Hale Smith Historical Society. Kim is the author of the book Rising Hills and Sinking Valley’s.

Kim Smith will be doing a book and CD signing at Eborn Book’s downtown location on April 19th at 10:00 a.m.

Visit Kim Smith’s Website.

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