L.R.W. Lee Interview – Episode 163

From an early age L.R.W. Lee wanted to write books. Growing up in a family that didn’t have a lot of money she was encouraged to use her imagination to entertain herself. Her early recollections of this imagination include building a puppet theater out of old scraps of wood and putting on shows for family and friends or climbing trees and pretending they were ships and siblings were pirates.


She put her imagination to work early and entered a writing contest when she was in middle school earning a respectable third place out of three entries. Her luck would improve when she won the Park Ridge Award while in high school. She attended school at Cedarville University, a small private school, where she studied Accounting. After graduating she worked for a large accounting firms as a staff accountant. LRW Lee was married in 1992 and a few years later started her first business, an accounting practice. Later she would start and grow a multi-million dollar retail company in Texas.


After selling the business in January of 2012 she continued with her life long desire to find something meaningful to share with others. This desire lead her to write the book, “ANDY SMITHSON: BLAST OF THE DRAGONS’ FURY.”

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