McKenzie Wagner Interview – Episode 159

Mckenzie Wagner is twelve years of age and has adored reading since she was four years old. McKenzie is a bright, well-spoken, and vivacious young woman, who is not merely a talented author, but is well-rounded and multi-faceted, with interests in the theater and singing in addition to her love of writing. Her goal is to receive a degree in English and become a teacher, in addition to continuing to produce engaging works of fiction. She is already working to obtain college credits towards her degree.


She currently resides in Utah, with her mom, dad, and her seven-year-old brother, Ty. McKenzie’s first book at the early age seven and is part of “The Magic Wall Series”, that book is entitled, “The Magic Meadow and the Golden Locket.” Her second book “The Blue Lagoon and the Magic Coin” was written shortly thereafter. She is here today to talk about the release of her latest book, 2nd book in her Benotripia series entitled “The Stones of Horsh.”

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