Pamela Jensen Interview – Interview 2.9

Pamela R. Jensen was born into a family of 10 children, she was the oldest girl and second child. She spent a majority of her childhood entertaining her younger siblings. Drawing has always been apart of who she is, always sketching anything and everything.

Pamela now lives with her husband a retired farmer and miner in Grantsville, UT. They have five children, and ten grandchildren who love to draw with grandma. She has made some pretty impressive doodles in her time. With that in mind, Pamela is a doodle expert and LDS to boot. She is here to talk about her book Reverently, Quiely, a collection of Sacrament meeting appropriate activities.

Purchase Pamela’s Book here.

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  1. Pamela, your creativity is infectious. What an encouragement you are to others. Blessings to you. Keep those creative juices flowing. Blessings! Nlg

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