Anthony Larson Interview – Episode 136

In our second interview with Anthony Larson, he explains fundamental terms used in his writings on revelation, cosmology, the electric universe, etc. Anthony Larson also applies these ideas to a more common understanding found in LDS culture and doctrine, and how these teachings relate to individual salvation.

Here are links to the two articles referenced in the interview:

Prophecy for Dummies

What does cosmology have to do with my salvation?

Visit Anthony Larson’s website Mormon Prophecy.

Episode 127 – Interview with Lindy Kerby

Lindy Kerby is the mother of 7 children. In addition to being a mother, she is a singer-songwriter-composer-programmer-speaker-learner-etc! Her latest project has been a visual basic program to calculate food storage with recipes. Her latest CD is Thy God, My God, and she blogs about her music on her site The Stories Behind the Songs.


To visit Lindy Kerby’s website, or to download her free LDS Music Sheet music visit her site.

Episode 106 – Interview with Bonnie Atkinson

Bonnie Atkinson works with the non-profit organizations, Springville Community Alliance and 
MotherHope. Bonnie has a Bachelor of Arts from Kansas State University with a dual major in creative writing and history, and is 12 weeks from a Masters Degree in Public Administration from Brigham Young University. Bonnie is passionate about what she refers to as the four spheres of influence: children, church, community, and career. As an avid blogger for the past five years, Bonnie now is the founder, administrator, and a contributor to the multi-author blog community – a site dedicated to Growing Faith, Strengthening Families, & Building Community. In her spare time, she’s also a really good Realtor.