Jason Pruett – Episode 3.21

Jason Pruett moved around as a child. He found comfort in picture books and he began to create his own. He entered picture book competitions in elementary school and started sending his work to publishers in high school.

After years of art school and drawing, Jason has started illustrating picture books for publishers. You can see his work in the upcoming Seek and Find: Book of Mormon Stories (Cedar Fort 2015) and A is for Abinadi (Cedar Fort 2014). Jason is also proud of the children’s comic book he illustrated, Jimmy Brass: 2nd Grade Detective (WE Comics 2012-2013).

Jason lives in the Los Angeles area and is a member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI).

For more information on Jason Pruett, visit his website:


Randal Wright Interview – Episode 3.5

Randal A. Wright obtained a PhD in Family Studies from Brigham Young University. His dissertation addressed the impact of electronic media (TV, movies, music and he internet) on the attitudes and behaviors of adolescents. He worked with the church educational System for many years as an institute Director and taught in the religion department at BYU. He is the founder of lifemission4u.com.

He is the author of several boo(s including-25 Mistakes LDS Parents Make and  How to Avoid Them; Families in Danger: Protecting your Family in an x-rated world; The case forChastity: Helping Youth Stay Morally Clean and Achieving Your Life Mission)

He has written chapters in several other books and articles in magazines as well. He has been a frequent speaker to adults at Know Your Religion and has spoken regularly to the youth to the youth at especially for Youth and youth conferences throughout the United States, Canada and England. He and his wife, Wendy, are the parents of five married children and have sixteen grandchildren. Randal A. Wright is a fifth generation Texan. Randal Wright is the author of Book of Mormon Miracle, 25 reasons to Believe.

Terry Gorton Interview – Episode 151

Terry Gorton was raised in Utica NY, (Home to what Terry considers the –home of the world’s greatest pizza) He was raised Catholic and was taught by nuns in Our Lady of Lourdes Grammar School

He went on to Notre Dame all boys HS- where he was an altar Boy;

In 1973 Terry joined the Army as Medic just as the Vietnam War was winding down. He served in Germany where his older brother also served and became of member of the LDS Church. It was Terry’s older brother who went on to baptize him in Nuremberg, Germany, in 1975.

After the Army, Terry served a mission to Belgium, Antwerp (Flemish-speaking) from 1977-79

After his mission, Terry attended BYU, Received Ph.D from Stony Brook University in NY (in Rhetoric and Literature) and has been teaching at BYU in Provo and BYUI in Rexburg for last fifteen years. Terry is the author of Messiah Made Manifest: Exploring the Book of Mormon as a Temple.

Episode 107 – Interview with Rod Meldrum

Rod Meldrum is a researcher, author, and national lecturer on the Book of Mormon, its historical efficacy as well as the scriptural and physical findings that have been discovered. Rod shares his research in live presentations on his “Heartland model” in what has been described by the University of Chicago Divinity School as creating a “swelling movement within the Church.”

Rod began his study of issues surrounding the controversy over DNA and the Book of Mormon in 2003 which lead to questioning the origins of proposed geographical settings of the Book of Mormon. In addition he has completed intensive studies of the Book of Mormon itself and the historical background and documents associated with it. In 2007 he began sharing his research. Rod has produced two documentaries, DNA Evidence for Book of Mormon Geography, and the 5 disc DVD series, Book of Mormon Evidence. Rod is also the author of Exploring the Book of Mormon in America’s Heartland.

To purchase Rod Meldrum’s book Exploring the Book of Mormon in America’s Heartland, click here.