Russell Stevenson Interview – Episode 153

Russell Stevenson is an independent researcher who also moonlights as an instructor at Salt Lake Community College. He has been studying Mormon history online and in the archives for nearly twenty years. He learned his first lesson of historical analysis from his father: if you’re going to drink water from a river, drink it from the source, not after all the cows have waded in it. Russell Stevenson is the author of the book Black Mormon: The Story of Elijah Ables.

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Nick Galieti Interview on Mormon Discussion Podcast – Episode 150.2

Nick Galieti, producer and host of The Good Word Podcast was interviewed as part of a cross-promotional effort with Bill Reel of the Mormon Discussion Podcast. This episode of our podcast is kind of a part 2 of our interview with Bill Reel. This episode is a rebroadcast of his podcast and in his format.

The Mormon Discussion podcast features interviews and content for those that are navigating a faith crisis. As an author of Tree of Sacrament, a producer and director of multiple documentaries, Nick Galieti was also interviewed to talk about his various projects as well as his upcoming book, The Exaltation Equation.

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Bill Reel Interview – Episode 150

Welcome to our 50th episode of The Good Word podcast. We are going change our format slightly to mark the occasion. In a cross promotion of sorts, I will be appearing as a guest on the Mormon Discussion Podcast hosted and produced by OUR guest for this episode, Bill Reel.

Bill Reel was first converted and became a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints at age 17. Later Bill served as a bishop in Ohio after navigating a faith crisis following his baptism. Bill started the Mormon Discussion podcast to assist others who ran into doubts about their faith. The mormon discussion podcast can be found at

Bill Betenson Interview – Episode 137

Some wish they were related to a famous person. Our guest today, Bill Betenson is actually related to a famous person—he is related to Butch Cassidy who is his great-uncle. Bill’s interest in Butch Cassidy was sparked when he was four years old and attended a private screening of the Paul Newman and Robert Redford movie “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.” He watched this movie with his great-grandmother, Lula Betenson, who wrote the book, Butch Cassidy, My Brother.

Since that time, and for over two decades, Betenson researched and studied the life and times of Butch Cassidy. Betenson had access to privileged family information and memorabilia, he traveled to South America to Butch Cassidy’s ranch to conduct personal interviews with those close to the story, and he spent hours in dusty archives. Betenson offers up new information about this infamous outlaw’s life and controversial death in his book, Butch Cassidy: My Uncle.

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Anthony Larson Interview – Episode 136

In our second interview with Anthony Larson, he explains fundamental terms used in his writings on revelation, cosmology, the electric universe, etc. Anthony Larson also applies these ideas to a more common understanding found in LDS culture and doctrine, and how these teachings relate to individual salvation.

Here are links to the two articles referenced in the interview:

Prophecy for Dummies

What does cosmology have to do with my salvation?

Visit Anthony Larson’s website Mormon Prophecy.

Episode 128 – Interview with Carole Warburton

Carole Thayne Warburton lives with her husband of more than thirty years in rural northern Utah. She is a teacher, potter, and writer, and she enjoys hiking in the mountains around her home. Her other novels include Sun Tunnels and Secrets (2010) and Just Shy of Paradise (2011). Poaching Daisies is Carole Thayne Warburton’s fifth published novel. She has visited the area this novel is set in—Yellowstone National Park and Silver Gate, Montana—more than seventy times. She writes about her experiences and her books at

Deseret News Article – Good Word Interview with Robert Millet

Nick Galieti, host of The Good Word, is also a Deseret News contributor. Each interview will be submitted in article form to the Deseret News for print. The hope is to make each interview a regular column for the Mormon Times. Who knows… with enough traffic this thing might just take off.

Robert Millet was the first article submitted and the first article published. Here is a link to the article.

Episode 124 – Interview with Theresa Sneed

Theresa Sneed grew up in the woodlands of Maine, where she spent most of her time climbing trees and looking for snakes under rocks. Theresa has a wealth of childhood experiences and a lively imagination from which she draws upon to create her magical stories. As a mother of six, a grandmother of five, and an elementary school teacher, she enjoys weaving stories of fantasy and adventure that bring about moments of wonder and reflection.


Theresa graduated cum laude with a bachelor’s of arts in education and has written award-winning poetry and stories. Her first novel, No Angel, is a 2011 Whitney Award finalist, and her 2012 book, Earthbound, is a 2012 Whitney Finalist. She is the former executive president of American Night Writers Association (or ANWA), and she is currently president of Maine Characters, a local chapter of ANWA. She enjoys reading and writing fantasy, romance, and suspense.

Visit Theresa Sneed’s website here.

Episode 123 – Interview with Robert L. Millet

Dr. Robert L. Millet is Abraham O. Smoot University Professor and Professor of Ancient Scripture at Brigham Young University. Since joining the BYU faculty in 1983, he has served as chair of the department of Ancient Scripture, dean of Religious Education, and Richard L. Evans Professor of Religious Understanding. He is the author or editor of more than sixty books and 160 articles and book chapters dealing mostly with the doctrine and history of the LDS Church and its relationship to other faiths. He and his wife Shauna have six children and reside in Orem, Utah.


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