Andrew Hall Interview – Episode 2.16

Andrew Hall was born in Whittier, California. He grew up in the Church and Served a mission in Kobe, Japan. Andrew attended school at BYU and the University of Pittsburgh where he received his PhD in Japanese History Andrew teaches courses in both Japanese and English.

Andrew and his wife have four children, all adopted, ages 15, 11, 11, and 6. Two boys we adopted as babies in the United States through LDS Family Services. The two girls were adopted in Japan, through the city of Fukuoka.

Andrew see’s Mormon literature is a hobby and is a participant in the Association for Mormon Letters group, where he reviews books, plays, and movies, and taking part in their online discussions. In 2000 Andrew started writing a “Mormon Literature Year in Review” article every year, going over the major literary works released that year, and reviewing the publishing news of the year. In 2012 Andrew received an AML “Special Award for Literary Journalism.”


Robert Goble Interview – Episode 139

If you don’t happen to see Robert Goble on his evening walk with a good book in his hand, just follow the sound of great rock and roll, and you’ll find him either working in the yard while listening to old tapes, or somewhere else playing his guitar too loud. Robert is a karate teacher, and family man.

Robert is the author of Across a Harvest Field, A Winter’s Morning Sun, and the 5 part series In Other Worlds.

To purchase Part 1 of, In Older Worlds, click here.

Betsy Love Interview – Episode 138

Betsy Love has always had a passion for writing. Now hailing from the Mesa, Arizona area where she has lived with her husband and their eight children, Betsy teaches English and literature in High School.

When she is not writing, or teaching, or gardening you can find Betsy buried in a book. She is the author of the books Identity, Mystics Tale, and SoulFire-A Book of Mormon Novel.

To purchase Betsy Love’s new book, SoulFire, click here.

Anthony Larson Interview – Episode 136

In our second interview with Anthony Larson, he explains fundamental terms used in his writings on revelation, cosmology, the electric universe, etc. Anthony Larson also applies these ideas to a more common understanding found in LDS culture and doctrine, and how these teachings relate to individual salvation.

Here are links to the two articles referenced in the interview:

Prophecy for Dummies

What does cosmology have to do with my salvation?

Visit Anthony Larson’s website Mormon Prophecy.

Episode 131 – Interview with Carolyn Twede Frank

Carolyn Twede Frank grew up in Payson, Utah. Ever since elementary school she has loved to write. In junior high and high school she was on the newspaper staff. and had her own column: Carolyn’s Corner. After marrying, raising five kids, and growing her manufacturing business to a point it was viable to sell, Carolyn rediscovered her love of writing. Carolyn now lives in Kaysville, Utah and writes Young adult /Middle grade historical and speculative fiction.

Carolyn is author of The Big Debate, the first book in the Literary Loom series.

Visit Carolyn Twede Franks website.

Buy a copy of Carolyn Twede Frank’s book, The Big Debate, click here!



Episode 119 – Interview with Christy Monson

Christy grew up around her grandmother who loved to read her stories. From an early age she would become engaged and captivated when listening to the tales spin out before her. Later in life, when reading to children of her own, she continued to keep the magic alive. Christy continues to this day writing stories for young children. Her writings feature stories about the pioneer prophets with insights into their lives, cooking, as well as children’s books about how to cope with the tragedies and challenges that happen in life.

Christy has published articles in The Ensign, Friend, and other children’s periodicals. Christy Monson received a master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from UNLV and established a successful counseling practice. She and her husband are now retired and living in Ogden, UT.

For more information on Christy Monson, visit her website.