Nancy Phippen Browne Interview – Episode 2.29


Nancy Phippen Browne is a retired journalist who has worked as an investigative reporter and editor for various newspapers and magazines across the country, including the Church News. Her writing background also took her into the field of public relations and marketing. She earned a bachelor’s degree in journalism in 1989 from the University of Wisconsin, River Falls, served a full-time mission to Colorado, and has actively served in ward and stake callings throughout her life. Help Thou Mine Unbelief is her first book, but she is also a freelance writer, with articles appearing in a variety of publications, including the Ensign and This People magazine. Browne and her husband, Raymond Browne, reside in St. George, Utah. Between them, they have seven children and 20 grandchildren.


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David Barker Interview – Episode 160

For more than 40 years David Barker has had a passionate interest in trying to reconcile the conflicts between science and religion. Being one who loves the truths found in each, he has devoted extensive amounts of time researching and finding some of the problems causing the conflicts. As a retired bank examiner and CPA, he takes a questioning approach to some of the conflicting dogmas, and looks to find plausible possibilities for reconciliation. David is the author of Science and Religion: Reconciling the Conflicts, and lives in Bountiful, Utah.

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