Adam White Interview – Episode 2.1

Adam White was born and raised in Gilbert, AZ. Adam started making movies when his Dad bought a VHS camcorder all the way back when he was 11 or 12 not ever considering it a possible career path. He dreamed of one day playing in the NBA played college basketball at Eastern Arizona college which is where he met his wife. Later he went to BYU and graduated from ASU with a degree in Business Administration.

Adam now lives in Lehi Utah with his wife and 5 children. He enjoys creating. Writing movies, writing songs on the piano, creating businesses. Adam White also started several online businesses and sold them all to pursue his dream of being a filmmaker.

Adam secretly wishes we could go back to the olden days where one could wear a cloak and have a sword strapped on their back and no one would think anything of it. Adam is now the writer and director of the movie, Inspired Guns hitting theaters January 24th 2014.

Dan Wells Interview – Episode 166

Dan wells was born in Utah to parents who were avid readers of Science fiction and Fantasy. That influence spread quickly and in second grade Dan announced to his parents that he was going to be a writer. He started writing a Choose Your Own Adventure book about a maze that was literally impossible to escape—no matter which options you chose, you just kept going around in circles. A real never ending story. After realizing what a cruel joke that was to his readers, Dan changed his writing style.

After abandoning later plans to become a poet, Dan returned to his childhood tutelage and became absorbed in science fiction and historical fiction. Meanwhile his life continued. He was married, had five kids, and worked in marketing and as an advertising writer at a string of local corporations, hawking everything from shampoo to fitness machines to humanitarian sponsorships.

Today, Dan Wells is an accomplished writer and co-host of a weekly podcast called Writing Excuses. He joins us all the way from Stuttgart Germany via Skype.

Read Dan’s blog here, or listen to his Podcast Writing Excuses here.

L.T. Downing Interview – Episode 165

Lisa Torcasso Downing is an award-winning writer and advocate for the advancement of Mormon Letters, Her writing career began in the 1990’s with fiction storiesfor young people in the Friend and New Era magazines. She then branched out in what she affectionately calls “unauthorized” mormon journals and magazines. She has served as editor for Irreantum, the literary journal published by the Association for Mormon Letters, as well as Sunstone.


Downing currently resides in Texas, though she has called both California and Utah her home. She received a Bachelors degree in English from Brigham Young University and an Masters from Texas A&M-Commerce. She taught writing at Collin College and is a proud member of the the up-and-coming Rowlett Writer’s Workshop. She is an active, believing Latter-day Saint, a wife of nearly 30 years and the mother of three. L.T. Downing as she is known in her writing, is the author of Island of the Stone Boy and Get That Gold!, the first book in the Adventures of the Restoration series.

For more information on L.T. Downing or to buy her books, click here.

Melissa J. Cunningham Interview – Episode 164

Melissa J. Cunningham turned forty-three this year. She feels that pretty much says it all. Since I am not a 43 year old woman from Brigham City, UT. I have to know more of what that means.

Melissa is a mother of five, who lives with horses, dogs, cats and chickens. When she is not helping her husband run their plumbing business, she loves to run, write, read and soak in the tub although not necessarily in that order.

After overcoming years of struggles and multiple unpublished efforts, Melissa Cunningham wrote the book Reluctant Guardian and was accepted for publishing in only August 2013, just two months ago. And here we are today, book in hand!

To buy a copy of Reluctant Guardian by Melissa J. Cunningham, click here.

McKenzie Wagner Interview – Episode 159

Mckenzie Wagner is twelve years of age and has adored reading since she was four years old. McKenzie is a bright, well-spoken, and vivacious young woman, who is not merely a talented author, but is well-rounded and multi-faceted, with interests in the theater and singing in addition to her love of writing. Her goal is to receive a degree in English and become a teacher, in addition to continuing to produce engaging works of fiction. She is already working to obtain college credits towards her degree.


She currently resides in Utah, with her mom, dad, and her seven-year-old brother, Ty. McKenzie’s first book at the early age seven and is part of “The Magic Wall Series”, that book is entitled, “The Magic Meadow and the Golden Locket.” Her second book “The Blue Lagoon and the Magic Coin” was written shortly thereafter. She is here today to talk about the release of her latest book, 2nd book in her Benotripia series entitled “The Stones of Horsh.”

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Mark Staker Interview – Episode 158

Mark Lyman Staker has a Ph.D., Cultural anthropology from the University of Florida. Mark began work as curator of the Museum of Church History and Art in Salt Lake City in 1993. For more than twelve years Mark has been involved in historic sites restoration and nineteenth-century expressions of the Latter-day Saint experience. He received the J. Talmage Jones Award of Excellence for an Outstanding Article on Mormon History from the Mormon History Association and has been involved in numerous museum exhibits. He and his wife, Kimberly L. Staker, are the parents of seven children and live in West Bountiful, Utah. Mark Staker is the author of Hearken, O Ye People: The Historical Setting of Joseph Smith’s Ohio Revelations.

Best Book Award – Mormon History Association

Best Book Award – John Whitmer Historical Association

To purchase Mark Staker’s Book, click here.

Jonathan Decker Interview – Episode 157

Jonathan Decker is a licensed marriage and family therapist and a family life educator. He has a passion for film and performance, having written, directed, and starred in several independent films as well as writing for and acting in the popular BYU comedy group Divine Comedy. Jonathan writes Hollywood film reviews from an LDS perspective at his website He hosts a weekly classic film segment on The KJZZ Movie Show. His book, 250 Great Movies for Latter-day Families is out now!

Christy Monson Interview #2 – Episode 156

Christy has published articles in The Ensign, Friend, and other children’s periodicals. Christy Monson received a master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from UNLV and established a successful counseling practice. She and her husband are now retired and living in Ogden, UT. Christy Monson first appeared on The Good Word podcast back in Episode 119. She is back to talk more about her book, Love, Hugs, and Hope: When Scary Things Happen, and Becoming Free: A Woman’s Guide to Internal Strength.

Visit for more information on her books.

Ryan Rapier Interview – Episode 155

RYAN RAPIER is an Arizona native and through the course of his life has come face to face with a rattlesnake more than once. For that reason alone, he would likely have left the desert behind years ago were it not for one thing—the luxury of year-round golf. When Ryan isn’t on the course or in front of a computer screen, he can usually be found chasing behind his four children or doing errands for his amazing wife in the isolated beautiful valley they have both called home forever. Ryan’s thoughts and opinions that concern nobody but himself can be found at his website . The Reluctant Blogger is Ryan’s first novel.

Richard Gardner Interview – Episode 154

Richard Gardner was Born in Logan, UT but has since visited or lived in 49 US States. Richard graduated from Utah State with a degree in biology then went on to Graduate from the University of Arizona with a PhD in Molecular and Cellular Biology.

Richard completed a 6 year postdoc term at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, studying the genetics of  yeast cell cycle control. Richard then took a job in 2004 teaching biology at Southern Virginia University. Richard and his wife have 6 children and enjoys hiking and photography. Richard is the author of the book THE HEART OF THE GOSPEL: EXPLORATIONS INTO THE WORKINGS OF THE ATONEMENT.